Juss Co

Juss Co is a health food brand selling subscriptions to organic superfood blends, providing a nutritional boost to help support a healthy lifestyle. They mix superfoods and philanthropy, donating a percentage of each sale to Charitywater who provide children with clean drinking water.

Power packaging

Alongside the brand identity our key deliverable was the packaging for the blends. We decided on stickers to save the client money on a full packaging print run and to allow them to scale their supply up and down easily.

Getting the message out

We created a range of posters for online and ourdoor use to get the brand and message of Juss Co out on the streets.

Selling subscriptions

Creating a simple and effective e-commerce experience for understanding and purchasing subscriptions was essential. We built the website around exploring the 3 core products and quickly moving the user into a purchase funnel.

Thank you

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